How To Create Your Perfect Gate, Online...

Finding your perfect gate can feel like a never ending search, especially if you already have a design in mind. Well, here at Express Gates we’re not trying to sell you one of our designs, but rather we will build a gate to your design. We make it our aim to construct 100% customer satisfaction, and the best way we’ve found is by letting you choose your gate, just the way you want it.

So sit back and try out our online Gate Builder and then leave the hard work up to us! But don’t fear ... You don’t need to be a great builder to use our online gate builder! - It couldn't be easier! 

 STEP 1 - Choose from Drive, Side or Garden Gate

On the home page of our website, click on the type of gate you are considering, choose from either a Driveway Gate, Side Gate, or Garden Gate: 

 STEP 2 -  Measure your gate

Once you have clicked on the style of gate you require, you will need to enter in the measurements of the area where you want the gate to go. All you need to do is enter in the size of the gap (from post to post) and also the height of the gap (from the ground to the top of the posts).


You can enter this information in either meters/centimetres or feet/inches, the page will look like this:


Then click Next

 STEP 3 - Choose your style

That’s the hardest part over! 

Simply, let us know what style of gate you desire by clicking on the one you are most suited to:


Then click Next

 STEP 4 - Select the top section for your gate

Now you can decide how you would like the top of your gate to look. Just click on the style which appeals most to you.


Then click Next

STEP 5 - Decide on your decorative style 

To enhance your gate with some further personalised additions, you can now choose from a selection of decorative styles for the railings. This enables you to give your gate that added alluring feature, which can turn a gate into a work of art. 


Then click Next

STEP 6 - Add some extra patterns

Depending on your gate style, you may also be able to add some extra enhancing ornamental elements.

These extras can make you gate stand out above the rest, being the most practical embellishment on any front drive.

Once you have decided, click Next

STEP 7 - Include some further decoration

If you still wish to add more decoration to your gate, we won’t hold you back. You can also choose basket decorations to enrich some extra detail on the railings of your gate.


Then click Next

STEP 8 - Choose your finals

To top your gate off, you just need to choose which final you would like to run across the top of your gate. We have a good selection to choose from which will add the finnishing touches to any design.
Depending on your style of gate you may also have the option to choose a mid section final as well. 


Then click Next

STEP 9 - Exra details 

All that is left is to decide how you would like it finished.
This includes information about which way you want the gate to open out, which colour you would like it coated in, and also how you want the gate to be installed (for example whether or not you are planning to have it fitted to the wall or below the ground).
You can also provide details about the type of protection you require for your gate. We do recommend getting them galvanised and powder coated in order to increase their life span and protect them against our cold wet British weather!


...and once again, Next 

STEP 10 - Take a look at your gate!

Now you get to view your own designed gate before you purchase it!
This way you can make sure it’s exactly how you want it.
If you are not ready to buy it yet, you can always "save" your gate and then go back to it at another point in time so your work isn't wasted.

If you wish to make any changes then you can simply go back through the steps you wish to modify and edit those parts, or build another one from scratch until you are confident you have your perfect gate. 

Once you have purchased your gate you can leave the rest of the work up to us and we will get your masterpiece built for you. We recommend printing off your finalised gate (for example, the image above) so you have all the information for your own records. 

Because these gates are built to your preference please allow up to 30 days for your gate to be built and delivered to your house.

Now you're comfortable with our system, start designng your own perfect gates now:

Design Your Driveway Gates Online

Design Your Side Gate Online

Design Your Garden Gates Online

If at any time you need assistance; please don’t hesitate to call us on 0191 417 9988 and we will be happy to help.

Stan French is the proprietor of Express Gates and has over 15 years experince in designing, planning and building high quality wrought iron and metal gates. He strives to provide a first class service unparralleled within the industry!