FrogAE-P Kit

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Complete kit for a pair of swing gates of up to 3.5m each leaf, 230V A.C. motors.


  • 2x 001FROG-AE 230v Motors (with Encoder)
  • 2x 001FROG-BN Foundation Case
  • 2x 001A4364 Release Mechanism
  • 1x 001DIR-10 Pair Safety Photocells
  • 1x 002ZM3E Control Panel
  • 2x 001TOP-432NA Radio Remote (433,92MHz)
  • 1x 001TOP-A433N Antenna
  • 1x 001AF43S Frequency Card. (433,92MHz)
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Weight: 70 kg
Dimensions: 3 ft × 3 ft × 2 ft