Safeguarding Your Gates Against The Elements

All our gates come with a 10 year warrantee, but here are some extra options which we provide for you when ordering/ designing your gates and railings, in order to increase their life span even further, giving them the extra strength to survive throughout the generations ahead.

Powder Coating

We offer powder coating to all our gates and rails which is much stronger than relying on paint protection. The powder coating process covers your gate in a physical protective coating assisting it with a solid, durable protection against weathering. As well as protecting your gates with an extra barrier to the climate, this process increases the look and feel of your gate. The powder coating also provides a glossy look and touch which can be carried out in a variety of colours to suit you.

The only downside of powder coating is that it will not offer any corrosion protection; should the barrier become penetrated.


Galvanisation is the most robust mechanism for protecting your gates and railings against the outside world. This process involves applying zinc to the gates which, in turn, prevents them from corrosion such as rust, for example. Although this process won’t look as attractive as powder coating, it provides a much deeper and substantial layer of protection which serves to increase the lifespan of your gates.

The protective layer is also stronger than powder coating and minor abrasions/ scratches will have little or no effect to the lifespan of the coating. Galvanisation is the process often used for protecting a variety of outside metal work ranging from anything such as lampposts to heavy machinery used on industrial sites.

Maximum Protection

For maximum protection gates can be galvanised to provide corrosion protection and powder coated to create the finish you desire.

Stan French is the proprietor of Express Gates and has over 15 years experince in designing, planning and building high quality wrought iron and metal gates. He strives to provide a first class service unparralleled within the industry!