Safeguarding Your Gates Against The Elements

About Gates
All our gates come with a 10 year warrantee, but here are some extra options which we provide for you when ordering/ designing your gates and railings, in order to increase their life span even further, giving them the extra strength to survive throughout the generations ahead.

Recent Wrought Iron Gate Designs


We're always busy here at the Express Gates forge, manufacturing new gates, delivering them across the country and installing them on some wonderful homes. So every now and then we want to take stock and share with you some of our work. So here's a few of our recent projects we have completed, these are installed examples of Express Gates ironwork:

We've gone Metric!

metal gate measuring

The UK headed down the route of metrication in 1965, but here at the Express Gates Forge, we're traditional folks manufacturing gates and railings with traditional skills. We like feet and inches but we also like centimetres, in an effort to keep all the measurement scales happy, all of our gate and railing designers are now setup for you to input your measurements in metric.

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