Sudbury Garden Gate (3973072)

£408.00 inc VAT
SKU: Sudbury 3973072

Your Bespoke Garden Gate:

A Sudbury gate with a Bow-Top
1 m 20 cm wide
1 m 20 cm high
Detail: Rosette
Decoration (if available): C-Circle
Baskets: None
Top Finials Star
Mid Finials (if available): None
Finish: Black
Protection: Galvanised
Posts: Wall_Mounted
Hanging: Left
Lock: Yes

List price: £0.00
Price: £340.00
Customer Review: 
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I wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic railings and gates you installed at my property recently. We are immensely pleased with the result and have been inundated with positive comments from family, friends and strangers alike!

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