Why Buy Wrought Iron Gates?

                                Why buy wrought iron gates?


Wrought iron metal gate designs provide a classic and elegant touch to your driveway or garden. Metal gates instantly conjure up images of Elizabethan and Victorian Stately homes and formal gardens throughout Britain. 

These gates are arguably the most picturesque feature to any property which possesses them, due to the uniqueness of different patterns and details, especially when finished in a traditional black powder coating.  

Wrought iron gates are remarkably effective and decorative in such a significant way that they will commonly increase the value of your property and give it the extra touch over other houses in the same area by accumulating extra character and features which nothing else can come close to.

It is easy to see the decorative attributes of such a high quality gate, but don't forget the practicalities of such an adornment to your house.


-       Built to last

Some of these practical features include the appreciation of owning a sturdy robust gate which will not need replacing anytime in the near future; due to the long lasting nature of the materials used. This means once you have purchased your gate you can sit back and relax knowing that the job is done, giving you peace of mind for the years ahead feeling confident in what you have invested your money in.

An extra advantage of buying from us is that all of our gates come with a 10 year guarantee, but carry with them a much greater life expectancy. 

-       Security 

Wrought iron gates will provide any house with added security and enable your garden or drive way to become more private and secluded away from the busy roads, which is particularly beneficial if you have small children or sneaky pets!

They add the extra touch to any house and transform the front of your home creating an impressive welcoming to your family and car, whilst at the same time keeping strangers off of your property. This also helps to keep cars safe and secure from the threat of vandalism and provides your house with an extra barrier of protection.

-       Ease of access

If you want to make an upgrade on your gates then electric gate systems are also available which save time opening and shutting your gates by hand and undoubtedly add extra luxury and refinement. These are remarkably helpful in wet weather and more convenient if you are driving. This does not mean that they also provide easy access for strangers, but quite the opposite.  The electric mechanism actually provides extra security for yourself via the irreversibly geared motor and electric locks which they posses. 

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.... If you are interested in getting a wrought iron gate then look no further! Here at Express Gates we enable you to design your own gate online and then we will build it and deliver it to you! Choose from either driveway gates, side gates, garden gates, or railings.

Alternately, find out more information on how to create your perfect gate online.

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Stan French is the proprietor of Express Gates and has over 15 years experince in designing, planning and building high quality wrought iron and metal gates. He strives to provide a first class service unparralleled within the industry!